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Travel Tip: Costs of Ground Transportation

Whenever I’m traveling out of town, whether it’s in a United States or foreign city, I’ve made the calculations about ground transportation.
And with few exceptions, it’s actually cheaper to use Uber or Lyft than local taxis.
In Los Angeles, a cab ride from my hotel to the airport is $71. But Uber or Lyft averages around $49.
The same is true overseas. On a recent trip to Colombia, the taxi ride into town from the airport was $28. But with Uber, it was a ridiculously low $9.
However, if you are traveling in the U.S. city where you live, the numbers are not so attractive. A recent survey of 20 U.S. cities shows that the average cost to own a car (driving it about 10,000 miles a year) is roughly $7,300. And that number jumps to $10,000 and up when you add in parking. By contrast, ride hailing services–for the same annual mileage–will run you more than $20,000.
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