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Travel Tip: Download These Airport Rideshare Apps

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Back lyft_car_on_roadin the day, travelers had limited options for getting to and from the airport: a taxi, a shuttle, or sweet-talking a friend into taking them. But, with these airport rideshare apps, we have more options than ever.

One option is called Wingz. It gets you door-to-door airport service that you can book through an app. The cool thing is, it’s a flat fee and you can schedule your pickup time—no sharing or waiting around. The drawback is that you can’t book it within 3 hours of your flight.

If you do need a last-minute pickup, look at peer-to-peer ride-sharing programs, like UberX, Sidecar, and Lyft. You can basically find a nearby vehicle through an app and catch a ride.

If it’s an off-peak time, it may cost less than a taxi.

However, during rush hour or big events, the price can go up…way up.

But, do your research—while you can take rideshare to catch a flight, some airports have actually banned these companies from picking up passengers.

But, don’t worry: if the cops catch them, it’s the driver who gets fined, not you.

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