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Travel Tip: A Passenger’s Condition in a Cab or Rideshare Service


The next time you get into a cab or a rideshare service, how much do you know about the current condition of your driver? Or how often do you actually fasten your seatbelt?

The answer is, you have no real idea of whether he’s tired or awake, drunk or otherwise incapacitated. And most of us don’t wear our own seatbelts in these cars when in fact we almost always do when we’re in our own cars.

But you might be surprised to know that Uber has filed for a patent that uses artificial intelligence technology to determine your condition as a passenger and your level of inebriation. How does it work?

It actually watches your movements on your smartphone when you first order the service as well as how close the pickup location is to bars. It then allows the driver to refuse the pickup. Now we need this app for drivers as well.

And no matter what, change your own passenger habits and always wear your seatbelt.

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