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Travel Tip: The Fight Continues for Uber & Taxis at Airports

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The fight between Uber and local city taxis at airports continues.

Should Uber be banned entirely, or restricted to certain pickup areas at the airports—or certain pickup times?

There’s no one rule for all airports, and every city has applied different standards and restrictions.

But then there’s price, and the comparisons might surprise you.

Currently, there are only three airports in the U.S. where it is cheaper to take a cab to a city center than it is to take an Uber: Boston, JFK, and La Guardia.

But it’s also more than a price consideration—it’s the time it takes to wait to get a cab or an Uber at many airports.

Or you can practice my contrarian approach to airport rides.

On an early morning flight where your airport has two levels, have your car or cab take you to the arrivals level.

You’ll save at least ten minutes in airport traffic congestion.

Reverse the process when you land.

Have your car pick you up at departures, especially if you’re landing at night. No traffic.

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