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Travel Tip: Airlines Explore Biometric Programs & Facial Recognition

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When we travel, we bring our ID, our passport, our ticket receipt and itinerary, and our boarding pass.

But soon, we’ll be able to ditch that boarding pass in favor of our fingers or our face.

Delta is now testing a biometric program with its top frequent flyers that uses their fingerprints to enter lounges at Washington Reagan Airport, and uses the same procedure in lieu of a boarding pass.

JetBlue is testing facial recognition technology, and other airlines are expected to follow suit.

Delta is also testing facial recognition, even for checking bags, at Minneapolis Airport.

Thousands of passengers are already carrying their boarding passes as images on their cell phones.

I’m in favor of this if it speeds up the boarding or baggage process, but I admit I still prefer a paper document, just in case the machines are down.

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