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Travel Tip: The Fine Print of Free Wi-Fi at Hotels

dohaMost of us celebrate when a hotel offers free Wi-Fi, but there’s often fine print attached. So here’s what you need to watch out for with free Wi-Fi at hotels.

Brands like Hilton and Hyatt have announced that they’re offering free Wi-Fi access in their guest rooms. But only their higher-tier loyalty members will get premium, high-speed service for free.

All other loyalty club members get the basic level of Wi-Fi, which limits the bandwidth. This means it’s too slow to stream videos or download large files.

Marriott has announced free, basic Wi-Fi for its lower-tier loyalty members. But to qualify, guests have to book directly through the hotel’s website, app, or reservations line.

Some hotels and resorts will advertise that Wi-Fi is included in the room, but then they charge a daily resort fee—which they claim is to cover other amenities, not just the Wi-Fi.

In some cases, your free wireless is limited to a certain number of devices, so you might be able to connect your laptop and phone. But if you or someone else wants to add a tablet, it could cost you.

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