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Travel Tip: How to Get the Best Hotel Room

hotel christopher, st barthWhen you book a flight, you get to choose your seat. But in a hotel, your room is mostly up to luck—until now. Here’s how to get the best hotel room.

Hilton Hotels has floor plans as part of its HHonors app, so you can pick the best room.

That’s now available at five brands in the U.S., and more hotels will have this option by fall. collects hotel blueprints and floor plans. So, when you book through them, a “room concierge” will help you figure out the best room, based on the rate and amenities like a view or extra space.

You can improve your chances of talking to a human being. But that doesn’t mean walking up to the front desk to ask for the best room. Get the information first!

If your hotel has multiple buildings, first check it out on Google Earth. That can tell you which one has the best view or is closest to the parking lot.

But, let’s face it—every hotel in one form or another is either renovating or upgrading. So don’t just ask for a room with a view—ask for a room that’s furthest from the construction.

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