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How You Can Avoid Extra Charges At Hotels

Today, Peter Greenberg sat down on CBS This Morning to discuss how many hotels are like airlines and charge guests extra fees.

In 2013, hotels earned an additional $2.25 billion from fees and surcharges, which is a 6 percent increase from the previous year. It’s also nearly double the amount hotels were earning a decade ago.

So, what are these hidden fees? Some you might expect, such as extra charges for bottles of water in your hotel room, Internet, and early check out. But some you may not expect, such as fees for towels, self-parking, and mandatory bellman fees. If you’re staying at a resort, don’t forget about resort charges—these can add an extra $25 a day to your bill.

Watch the video below to discover why there are extra charges at hotels, what you need to watch out for, and how you can avoid these fees the next time you book a hotel room.

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