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Travel Tip: The Craziest Things Hotels Will Lend You

bmwHotels will do a lot to compete for your business, and in some cases, they’ll come out with some serious  freebies.

The JW Marriott in San Antonio has teamed up with BMW. Between now and October 26, you can borrow from a fleet of 2014 BMWs on the property…for free. You don’t even pay for the gas.

The Hard Rock Hotel partnered up with a guitar manufacturer. During your stay, you can borrow one of 20 legendary Fender guitars for free.

Other hotels will let you borrow less extravagant items. Several Kimpton Hotels will even loan you a pet goldfish during your stay…don’t worry, you don’t have to feed it.

Westin Hotels will let you borrow New Balance workout gear, including sneakers.

Sheraton offers guests its free Gym in a Bag, which includes an exercise mat and foam roller.

Okay, so these hotels have some fun gimmicks, but you still have to shop around to make sure you’re getting a good  rate. Don’t let a perk fool you into thinking it’s the best deal out there.

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