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Travel Tip: The Latest on Airlines and Emotional Support Animals

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The controversy surrounding emotional support animals continues.

Currently there are no Department of Transportation rules on the issue, but many airlines are now issuing their own individual rules concerning which animals can fly on their planes.

Delta Air Lines was the first to issue new rules. United Airlines soon followed suit after someone tried to board a peacock as an emotional support animal.

And now, Southwest Airlines has issued its own set of rules. Only dogs and cats can fly as emotional support animals. This means no more snakes or pigs on a plane. And Southwest has issued an additional warning: Your emotional service animal has to be well-behaved or face the consequences. Under the new Southwest rules, any growling, scratching or urinating in gate areas will result in your animal being denied boarding. Now, if airlines could only extend those rules to some of their passengers!

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Instagram @ussupportanimals

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