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Travel Tip: Airline Rules About Emotional Support Animals

Image Credit: Dexter The Peacock on Instagram

Image Credit: Dexter The Peacock on Instagram

It’s a travel scam that has literally gotten out of hand—the emotional support animal that flies on airplanes.

For about $150, passengers can get their animal—not just dogs or cats—certified as an emotional support animal that gets to fly with them at no additional charge. It is also not required to fly in any approved container.

As a result, many flights are beginning to resemble a version of Noah’s Ark.

Delta has tried to stop this practice by requiring passengers to certify that the animals are actually trained for air travel. Travelers must also sign a letter of responsibility in case the animal injures other passengers or property.

How crazy is it getting? Pigs are flying…and giant standard poodles are flying.

Recently, a passenger showed up at Newark International with a peacock. United Airlines drew the line and refused to fly the bird.

Look for more airlines to initiate their own rules about what constitutes an acceptable emotional support animal.

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