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Travel Tip: Emotional Support Animals

It continues to be a controversial, if not absurd travel issue—the problem of emotional support animals on airplanes—not to mention an acceptable and realistic definition of what is an acceptable emotional support animal.


There is no government rule here on what animals passengers can bring aboard planes classified as essential, emotional support animals. In an overwhelming number of cases, it’s a scam as passengers are traveling with pigs, peacocks, ferrets and you name it.


It has gotten so bad that some airline cabins are beginning to resemble a Latter-day version of Noah’s ark and now, some airlines are making their own rules.


Delta is now insisting passengers must provide proof that their emotional support animal is properly trained. And American Airlines just changed their rules as to what supposedly emotional support animals are no longer allowed on its flights. No more ferrets, goats, hedgehogs, or any animals with tusks or horns but, surprisingly, American Airlines will still allow and I have no idea why—miniature emotional support horses to fly.


I’m being serious! So fasten your seatbelts and giddy-up.








By Peter Greenberg for

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