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Travel Tip: How the Sharing Economy Works for Business Travelers

uberThe “sharing economy” has been front page news lately. That’s where regular people like you and me share our cars or even our homes, and use mobile technology to get the word out.

For travelers, it can mean saving a lot of money. Now you can save if you’re traveling for business.

Uber, the ridesharing service, just launched Uber for Business. That means business travelers can use the app to get a ride right away, instead of waiting for a taxi or booking an expensive car service.

The receipt and expense information goes right to the company account, not your personal card.

If you thought going on a business trip meant only staying in a hotel, think again. Airbnb has just opened up to travelers with corporate accounts.

What’s the benefit of that? It means staying in a home instead of a hotel when you’re on the road for work.

Whether you’re on the road for two days or two months, having access to things like your own kitchen and local services like grocery stores can make a huge difference.

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