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Travel Tip: The Questions You Should Ask Before Booking Anything

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Image Credit: Stephanie Ervin

When planning your next trip, there are a few essential questions you need to ask before booking anything.

The first question involves distance.

With gas prices stable—or in some cases dropping—check the actual mileage between destinations.

Instead of flying, it might not only be less expensive, but more efficient to drive—especially if you’ll need a car for basic transportation once you arrive.

Also consider the train.

Amtrak goes to more than 500 destinations, and if you plan properly, you might be able to save on at least two nights of hotels by taking the train.

How long is your trip?

If you’re flying, and it’s more than a week in duration, check into purchasing individual one-way tickets.

In many cases, it might actually be cheaper.

Or split the trip, drive to a second destination, and return from there.

It might actually be cheaper.

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