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Travel Tip: The Average Price of an Economy Plane Ticket is Decreasing

airplane-in-airportWe seem to be in the heart of a perfect storm.

Airplane capacity is surging, ticket prices are dropping, and consumers are finally the beneficiaries.

Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corporation analyzed millions of airline tickets and information covering more than 12 billion passenger flights in order to determine what we could expect in air travel in 2017.

The research indicated that average economy class ticket prices are dropping around the world.

When coupled with an increase in airline seat capacity outside the United States, those low prices may be here for a while, especially on international flights.

But the study also revealed the obvious: booking 21 days in advance still gives you the best chance of a substantial discount.

It could be as much as 34 percent on flights to Europe, and 17 percent on domestic flights.

The biggest drop in prices occurred on flights that are outside of the U.S.: South America to Southern Europe and South America to Southeast Asia.

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