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Travel Tip: Visiting a Major City? Where to Look for Hotel Rooms

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hotel-roomNegotiating the best hotel room rate is an art—and a game of finesse.

How and when you play the game are the keys to how much you can save.

For example, a number of major chain hotels will discount a room’s price as much as 20 percent if you pay your bill in full a week or two in advance.

One possible catch: it’s nonrefundable, so plan accordingly.

Also, there’s the last-minute game, with sites like Hotel Tonight and Jetsetter offering last-minute deals.

But my “almost always” fail safe plan is to look at a city’s transportation system map.

Then plan your stay near major subways or bus stops to save real money.

In Washington, D.C., a night at many hotels in the heart of the district averages $252.

But just jump across the Potomac to Arlington, Virginia and the average nightly rate drops more than $120. It’s just a ten-minute subway ride away from most places you’d need to go.

This also works well in Brooklyn, instead of Midtown Manhattan, and in the suburbs of Chicago.

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