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Travel Tip: How You Can Find Deals on Airfare by Flying Through Asia

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Image Credit: Eckhard Pecher

Image Credit: Eckhard Pecher

There’s currently a great airfare war, especially if you’re headed to or from Asia—or don’t mind going through Asia.

Do you want to fly from the U.S. to Australia?

China Southern Airlines has a flight that stops in Guangzhou before heading to Sydney—at a significant discount.

Air China has offered a $399 round-trip ticket from New York to Tokyo, Seoul, and Hong Kong if you don’t mind stopping first in Chengdu.

Hainan Airlines has opened 75 new long-haul routes since 2006—and those now includes Las Vegas.

Do you want to fly between New York and Bangkok?

A ticket on China Eastern Airlines, with a stop in Shanghai, will cost you $570.

That’s about $145 less than flying on United Airlines through Hong Kong.

In many cases, the discounts are about 30 percent or more.

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