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Travel Tip: Safety & Security Concerns Over the Electronics Ban

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phone3The recent security rule banning gadgets larger than cell phones in passenger cabins on flights from countries in the Middle East and Arabian Gulf has created a growing backlash with concerns about security, theft, and liability—not to mention safety.

That backlash isn’t just coming from passengers, but also from airlines and some government regulators.

Some airlines are seeing huge drops in bookings when passengers discover they can’t bring their laptops on particular flights.

What hasn’t been properly addressed for those who are traveling on the affected flights and routes are issues of liability.

If the airline insists you must check your laptop in the cargo hold, and it then damages or loses that laptop, who is responsible?

Then there are growing safety concerns.

One regulator already said that personal electronic devices carry a fire risk due to their lithium ion batteries. Because of this, they should be carried inside the passenger cabins so that any problems can be quickly identified.

It appears that security concerns are flying (no pun intended) right in the face of safety concerns.

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