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Travel Tip: Why the Electronics Ban Isn’t Just About Inconvenience

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airportThe recent laptop rule targeting a number of destinations in the Middle East and Persian Gulf prohibits passengers from bringing their laptops in passenger cabins as carry-on items.

These items must be placed in checked luggage.

It’s created a firestorm of confusion among airlines, passengers, and even lawyers.

What are the liability issues raised by separating you from your laptop?

There’s something called SBI: Sensitive Business Information.

Many companies forbid their key employees from putting any SBI in checked bags.

Is the airline responsible if your laptop is stolen from your checked bag if it insisted you put it there in the first place?

Many of us are familiar with the fire problems associated with lithium ion batteries.

Airlines are concerned about the possibility of an uncontained fire in cargo holds caused by battery fires.

With this new rule, there’s a higher likelihood of 40 to 80 lithium ion batteries in the cargo hold on every single flight.

It’s obvious that another solution must be found.

In the meantime, here are some clever responses from airlines affected by the electronics ban:



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