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Travel Tip: Which Countries are Considered Safe Destinations Right Now

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australiaWelcome to the brave new world of safe haven travel.

What does that mean?

In an environment of perceived global instability, security issues, and terrorism, a growing number of people are choosing destinations—not because of a longstanding desire to visit particular places because of their history or culture—simply because they’re perceived to be overwhelmingly safe.

As a result, these safe haven destinations are seeing a travel boom.

Bookings to Australia and New Zealand are way up.

So is travel to Norway.

One of the biggest safe haven destinations isn’t a destination at all, but a type of travel: cruising.

It’s seen a 38 percent boost in bookings.

By comparison, bookings to destinations like Paris are down around 15 percent.

For Turkey, travel has dropped around 30 percent.

The fear factor and perceived safety—at least when it comes to travel decision making—comes with a price tag.

Of course, the law of supply and demand weighs in here.

Norway, for example, may be considered safer, but it’s also more expensive.

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