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Travel Tip: China on Course to Compete With U.S. on Infrastructure

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airportOne area where President Trump might actually receive bipartisan support is America’s infrastructure problems.

In the recent past, New York’s LaGuardia Airport was often described as a third world airport.

But a closer look at airport and infrastructure projects overseas might lead some to believe that statement about LaGuardia may be an insult to third world airports.

Consider China: It is firmly on course to become the world’s biggest air travel market in the next 10 years.

The government is investing billions of dollars to build state-of-the-art airports and transportation structures in cities most Americans can’t even pronounce, let alone locate.

The Chinese are building a second major airport in Beijing at a cost of now nearly $12 billion.

There will be 260 commercial airports in China.

Can you name the newest major airport in America?

Denver International Airport—which was opened 20 years ago.

The hope is by the time the new LaGuardia Airport is open, it can actually compete with those third world airports.

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