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Travel Tip: More Airports Offer Helpful Apps for Travelers

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Image Credit: Stephanie Ervin

Image Credit: Stephanie Ervin

The world of apps has landed at the airport.

In fact, 90 percent of airports worldwide are now developing individual information-driven apps.

Fifty percent already offer them.

More and more of these mobile apps are becoming highly sophisticated, offering real-time, essential details that go beyond basic check-in and flight information.

At DFW in Dallas, the airport app offers the ability to search more than 200 shops and dining options.

It transmits specific shopping options within a five-minute walk from any gate.

More and more airport apps offer wait finding ability.

In Atlanta, the airport app offers important parking lot space availability.

Using a photo tool, passengers can actually locate the exact position of their cars when they return to the airport.

Then there’s something called Airport Sherpa. I like this one.

It delivers dining from any airport restaurant right to you at the gate.

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