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Travel Tip: Airline Mergers Could Affect Flights & Ticket Prices

Locations in this article:  Fort Lauderdale, FL New Orleans, LA

airportIt’s a new year, and when it comes to travel, it looks to be a world driven by disruption, mergers, consolidations, and computer problems.

For airlines, there’s the challenge of merging operations between Alaska Airlines and Virgin America, and the continuing adjustment inside the mega-merger between Marriott and Starwood.

But get ready for the computer meltdowns caused by those merging systems.

That means more travel delays.

Last year, Southwest, United, and Delta all had computer meltdowns.

My advice: weather problems notwithstanding, always try to book the very first flights of the day.

This gives you better options for getting out of the airport as early as possible, especially if you are connecting flights.

One ray of light: economists are predicting even more strength for the U.S. Dollar against foreign currencies.

Translation: ticket prices for nonstop flights across the Atlantic—and from secondary cities like New Orleans, Oakland, and Fort Lauderdale—may be lower than ever.

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