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Travel Tip: Feeling the Pinch? Space on Airplanes Continues to Shrink

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons User Douglas P. Perkins

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons User Douglas P. Perkins

If your flight seems full, it is.

If it feels crowded, you’re right again.

The average flight now has 142 seats.

That’s compared with 137 seats just 2 years ago.

The squeeze isn’t only reflected in the number of seats.

Bathrooms have become skinnier—is that even physically possible?

Galleys are getting more narrow.

But the airlines and aircraft manufacturers are just getting started.

Airbus plans to boost the maximum number of passengers on its A320 and A321 jets from 180 to 189 and from 220 to 240.

What does this mean to you?

Your flight will be more uncomfortable, and if you’re sitting near the rear of the plane, the time it will take you to leave the aircraft once your flight lands could be as much as five additional minutes.

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