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Travel Tip: Why You Should Read the Policies on Travel Insurance Plans

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stormyThere’s been a surge in travel insurance sales in the wake of terrorism, disease, and extreme weather.

In 2008 Americans spent over $1.5 billion in travel insurance.

Last year it was more than $2.4 billion.

But you should be aware that each policy is different in terms of what is covered.

For example, in the recent bombing in Chelsea and Manhattan, most travel insurance policies would not cover you if you chose to cancel your trip to New York in the wake of that incident.

Why? Because the airlines didn’t cancel their flights and hotels didn’t close.

It’s similar with the Zika virus—there have not been all-out travel bans initiated by governments.

So you need to read your policy language carefully before you buy any travel insurance.

It is always a good idea for any traveler to be prepared.

But understanding policy language is key—and the same goes for weather.

Tropical storm? You might not be covered.

Hurricane? Only if it’s officially named by the weather service after you buy your policy.

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