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Travel Tip: How to Prepare in Case a Hurricane Affects Your Cruise

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hurricane_hermine_terra-modis_satellite_view_9-1-2016Thinking of taking a cruise? How much do local weather conditions and the time of year influence your decision?

What should you know before booking that cruise, especially during the off season?

Recently, Royal Caribbean’s The Anthem of the Seas was heading from Bermuda to New Jersey.

The ship encountered strong winds exceeding 100 miles per hour caused by Hurricane Hermine.

It was not the first time the ship sailed into rough water.

In February, Royal Caribbean was criticized for a lack of planning when the same ship was pummeled by even stronger winds off the coast of North Carolina.

That incident left four passengers injured and caused vessel damage.

How are passengers financially protected if their cruise is disrupted—or ruined—by bad weather?

It all comes down to travel insurance and the very definition of weather.

Every cruise line reserves the right to substitute ports of call when bad weather is threatening.

How many cruise lines will actually cancel a cruise? Apparently not many.

But in the event that happens, how are you protected? Trip cancellation and interruption insurance.

Howver, you need to read the policy carefully.

Some language allows a cruise line to substitute ports without it being considered an official interruption.

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