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Travel Tip: Are TSA Delays Covered by Travel Insurance?

airport securityIt’s been the summer of long lines at the TSA.

In many cases, passengers missing their flights because of those long lines.

The financial fallout to some travelers has been substantial—especially if they’re headed to a foreign country.

You can imagine the ripple effect of missing one flight because of TSA delays and then being unable to get on another because it’s already full.

Then you could possibly miss your entire trip because of those delays.

Now here’s the final insult.

If you bought trip cancellation and interruption insurance, does the TSA delay that results in cancelling your trip mean you’re covered by your insurance?

Sadly, the answer is no.

A mechanical delay on the airplane? Yes. A hurricane? Maybe. A sudden labor strike? Perhaps.

But not a TSA delay. It’s all in the fine print.

Most travel insurance applies when it comes under a term the industry calls “peril coverage”.

Long lines by the TSA are not considered perilous.

Just another reason to get to the airport early.

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