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Travel Tip: Countries Where Medical Travel Insurance is Mandatory

vaccineMedical coverage when you travel is one of those things you don’t miss until you absolutely need it. But sometimes, it’s not just a good idea…it’s actually mandatory.

To travel to Cuba, you’re required to have travel insurance that includes medical coverage. That applies to everyone, not only Americans.

The good news is that many organized, people­-to­-people tours will include it, or you can compare policies on a site like

If you’re applying for a visa to Russia, you may be asked to supply proof of medical travel insurance that’s valid in that country.

While it never happened, Thailand recently considered making medical insurance mandatory for all foreign visitors. News like that changes fast, so pay attention to the fine print when you’re making travel plans.

Some tour companies—like Intrepid Travel and G Adventures—have a policy that you must purchase insurance, no matter where you’re traveling.

At minimum, they require you to have medical coverage, and recommend additional coverage like trip cancellation and personal liability.

When it comes to high­-ticket travel, the old adage is true…better safe than sorry.

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