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Travel Tip: Traveling After Terrorist Attacks

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Image Credit: Courtney Crockett

Image Credit: Courtney Crockett

We’ve all witnessed the turmoil and instability in many parts of the world, and the terrible terrorist attacks in Paris, Istanbul, and Brussels.

Add to that historically low oil prices and weak global recovery, and tourism growth has either slowed in many parts of the world or flatlined entirely.

Tourism to Paris has bounced back, but not fully.

Belgium is still recovering, as the airport in Brussels is still not up to speed.

Istanbul is also hurting. Many cruise lines have canceled port calls.

In the Middle East, it’s worse. The Red Sea resorts in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt are almost empty.

So what does this mean to you?

This is perhaps the best opportunity for a great authentic experience at destinations that will do everything they can to welcome you.

Couple that with the power of the U.S. Dollar against many foreign currencies, and it’s a true buyer’s market.

Smart travelers read U.S. State Department advisories.

But keep in mind that they are just advisories. So pack some common sense, and then go.

The worst four letter word that starts with F—at least when it comes to travel—is Fear.

That’s baggage you don’t want—or need—to pack.

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