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Travel Tip: Does Travel Insurance Cover the Zika Virus?

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mosquito2Growing worries over the Zika virus haven’t stopped many people from traveling—except in cases where the traveler is pregnant or considering pregnancy.

But as concerns continue to grow over the disease, many travelers—especially those with expensive itineraries—are buying travel insurance.

The question with travel insurance—especially in the case of the Zika virus—is will that insurance cover you if you choose not to travel because of the virus?

The answer, at least right now, is no.

Even though the World Health Organization has declared Zika a public health emergency, most travel insurance won’t cover you if you choose to cancel your trip because of Zika fears.

Check out the website

It deciphers the hieroglyphics of insurance policy language to let you know—policy by policy—what is covered and what isn’t.

There’s no sense in buying worthless insurance.

One type of policy generally covers you in these situations, and it’s one that allows you to cancel your trip for any reason.

But be careful—the premium can be as high as 20 percent of the total cost of your trip—or more.

For more information about travel insurance, check out:

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