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Travel Tip: How to Buy Plane Tickets For A Group

airportAre you planning a group trip—a wedding, family reunion, or a business meeting for a large number of people?

Whatever you do, don’t go online to try to book everyone’s trip at once. Do it one ticket at a time.

For example, if you search for six tickets, and the airline has only five at the lowest fare, the airline’s computers are programmed to bump all the tickets up to a higher price level.

Instead, if you have ten or more tickets to buy, don’t go online at all.

Remember, an airline or hotel website only reflects the inventory the travel provider wants to make available online.

There’s a lot more availability out there than what is listed on the web.

But don’t call the airline’s reservation number. Instead, call the airline’s sales office.

More often than not, they’re empowered to give you a discounted group rate, and depending on how many people are traveling, that might also include throwing in a free ticket—otherwise known as YOUR ticket.

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