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Travel Tip: Creative Ways to Get Lower Airfare

planeThere are still a number of fun, creative ways to find lower airfare, if you don’t mind where you’re going and you know where to look—and at what specific time.

Every Wednesday at 2 p.m. (ET), Alaska Airlines runs something called the Fast Dash Sale and tips off customers on the destination through Twitter.

American Airlines sends out its last-minute deals on Tuesdays for the upcoming weekend as well as the following weekend.

You’ll also find great deals on Tuesdays at Southwest Airlines, with its Click-N-Save emails.

If you’re headed to South America, Azul now sells a ten-day all you can fly in Brazil ticket for just $299. You just need to buy this ticket in conjunction with your original round-trip ticket from the U.S.

Some airlines offer something called blind bookings. These are mystery flights.

Just pick your dates, your interests, and even sometimes your sexual preference—and Germanwings picks your destination.

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