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Travel Tip: The Truth About Traveling With A Smartphone

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iPhone6Most of us love our smartphones. Some of us are obsessed by—and with—them.

One recent survey revealed that on average, Americans spend three hours a day just staring at their phones.

This is especially true when we travel.

We seem so worried about being connected that we almost forget where we are.

Whenever we travel, it might be time to put the smartphones down, look up, and then look around.

You can then use the phone to record your amazing experience—and you can text about it later.

There’s another benefit to doing this. Over the last seven years, we’ve actually spent $23.5 billion—that’s right, billion—replacing broken smartphones.

According to the latest research, 15 percent of all iPhone users currently have a cracked screen.

You know how that happened? They were probably traveling, and simply not paying attention to their new surroundings.

Just having a smartphone when you travel does not make you smart.

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