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Travel Tip: Why More Airports are Using Beacon Technology

Locations in this article:  Hong Kong Miami, FL San Francisco, CA

airportAirports are investing big money into making the travel experience a little better. Why? Because they’re counting on captive audiences to spend money.

Hong Kong International Airport is doing a trial run of beacon technology. Beacons identify your exact location and send notifications to your mobile device, like boarding information and how long it will take to get to your gate.

Think about it: If you know you have plenty of time before your flight boards, you’re more likely to stick around the retail area instead of heading to the gate.

This type of technology was installed at Miami International Airport, which has beacons all around the airport, including entrances, check-in areas, and gates. It’s open access, so you could receive notifications from both airlines and retailers.

It’s not necessarily all about money.

San Francisco International installed beacons to help visually impaired travelers get around the terminal, sharing points of interest and navigation assistance through a smartphone app.

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