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Travel Tip: Packing Tips That Can Help Save Space in Your Suitcase

suitcaseI have an admission to make: I’m a terrible packer.

But I’m learning from my mistakes every time I travel. Here are a couple of easy lessons I’ve not only learned, but applied.

When it comes to getting everything in your bag—and keeping it under 50 pounds—space is the key.

So place your belts inside your shirts to save space and help your collars maintain their shape. Put your shoes in shower caps. If you have access to a dryer sheet, use it to reduce static inside the bag itself.

Then, place one of those binder clips over the heads of razors.

Use plastic bags—but double bag all toiletries that you’re packing for obvious reasons.

If heavy items are placed on top of them, they could pop open, and you don’t want anything stained.

If you’re packing jewelry in your checked bags (and I certainly hope it’s just costume jewelry), then pack the jewelry between two flat sheets of plastic wrap.

Neat, huh? All puns intended.

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