Small Packable Bags for All Your Odds and Ends

We’ve all been there: You’ve had a great vacation and are packing to go home. Your suitcase is stuffed and you realize—due to gifts, trinkets, or vino picked up along the way—that you have a lot more to haul home than you did when you arrived. Save frustration, time, and money by planning ahead with a bag you can stow away in your suitcase.

These packable bags from members of the Travel Goods Association take up minimal room until you need them for the journey home and also ensure that you won’t get stuck shipping your new goodies, or worse, get stranded in the middle of the airport with a torn shopping bag. The best part? Each is under $50 and can be used for countless trips.

Packable Duffle Bag by GO!SAC


GO!SAC bags have a variety of signature prints in bright colors, and are the perfect option for folding up and toting your goodies around town, through airports, and for overnight travel. Made for both men and women, the Packable Duffle Bag is the ultimate expandable full size bag that conveniently folds up into a small pouch. MSRP $45.00

Lite Gear City Tote by LiteGear Bags


With versatile carrying options as a shoulder bag or a sling bag, the City Tote by LiteGear Bags is great for casual day-to-day use. The Lite Gear City Tote bag is made from polyester microfiber fabric and features a small shape and a relaxed design with an ergonomic strap that makes it comfortable to carry. MSRP $24.95

Lewis N Clark Uncharted Duffel Bag

lewis n clark

Talk about transformation—this duffle folds into its own internal pocket until you flip it inside out for a spacious carry-all. The Lewis N Clark Uncharted Duffel Bag is available in many sizes and in black, green, red, or navy. The duffle fits both men and women. MSRP $20.99 – $54.99 (depending upon size)

Overnight True Sport Duffle by Genius Pack

true sport genius pack

This duffle has a place for everything—just like Genius Pack’s signature carry-on. Extremely lightweight, the Overnight True Sport boasts Laundry Compression Technology-enabled genius compartments and an integrated packing checklist. Perfect for storing vacation goodies—or to tote your laundry home. MSRP $118.00

Pack N Go Duffle by High Sierra 24’

high sierra

This attractive Duralite duffle is really two bags in one. A special water-resistant coating helps keep gear dry. With an adjustable shoulder strap and non-slip shoulder pads, the bag easily converts from a duffle to backpack and back again. Conveniently meets all carry-on size requirements, and its storage bag turns into a toiletry pouch when the duffle is removed. MSRP $60.00

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