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Travel Tip: How More Hotels Are Going Hi-Tech

Locations in this article:  Seattle, WA

dinosaurHotel technology is getting more sophisticated, and in some places, it may seem like machines are taking over the world.

In Japan, the Henn na Hotel is truly wild. Everything is automated, from check-in to luggage transport to room service. Plus, the robot behind the front desk…is a dinosaur.

You’ll encounter a robotic arm at Yotel in New York. His name is Yo, and his one job is to store luggage once you enter the information on a touch screen.

At Hotel 1000 in Seattle, your room is equipped with infrared sensors to detect body heat—that way housekeeping knows whether the room is occupied or not.

The Nine Zero hotel in Boston has used retinal scanners for years as a more secure way to enter VIP rooms without using a key card.

Now, none of this means that robots are taking over, but it sure feels that way sometimes.

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