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Travel Tip: New Hotels Designed for Millennials

Locations in this article:  Chicago, IL Miami, FL New Orleans, LA

virgin hotelIf there’s any phrase that drives me nuts, it’s when marketers talk about “reaching the younger demo” or “engaging with millennials.” The good news? Hotels that are jumping on the millennial bandwagon are coming out with surprisingly interesting products.

Marriott’s new hotel brand is called AC Hotels. It’s now open in New Orleans and will also roll out in Kansas City and Miami Beach.

What makes it different? Well, there’s free Wi-Fi and mobile check-in, for starters.

You’ve heard of Virgin airlines, so why not Virgin Hotels? The first property in Chicago is taking reservation for 2015. They’re promising features like minibar items at street prices, concierge services through an app, and…you guessed it, free Wi-Fi.

Tommie Hotels will feature small, ergonomic rooms, meeting spaces, and communal dining.

Now, while all this attention on millennials may be a little overkill, there are some good things coming out of it.

The basic premise is that these combine functional technology with modern design and public spaces that aren’t too stuffy or formal. Those are features that can work for just about anyone…not just millennials.

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