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Travel Tip: The Features of New Hotel Apps

Image Source: Virgin Hotels

Image Source: Virgin Hotels

Image Source: Virgin Hotels

Your smartphone can probably do a lot more than you’d expect, and that’s especially true when you get to your hotel.

More and more hotels are coming out with brand-specific apps. These are not only for booking, and they have real functionality inside your room.

At Virgin Hotels, its app can control the thermostat, even if you’re not in the room. It also acts as a TV remote control and it streams videos and music from your device directly on to your television. Of course, it has the number-one feature guests want in an in-hotel app: room service.

W Hotels lets you order room service with its app, along with other items like extra towels or blankets. The app also streams music curated by W, but I’m not sure that’s the most useful tool.

What’s the next big trend in hotel apps? They can act as your personal room key. Both Starwood and Hilton hotels will let you bypass the front desk altogether by checking in and accessing your room via the app.

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