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Travel Tip: Robots are Taking Over Travel

robotA couple of weeks ago, I joked about how robots are taking over customer service. Well, guess what, folks? It looks like the future is already here.

Over in Cupertino, California, Aloft Hotel has hired its first robot butler.

His name is A.L.O. and he’s basically wandering the halls, taking the elevators, and doing whatever is needed…which is mostly delivering items to guests.

Oh, and the robot doesn’t take cash tips. He will, however, accept a tweet thanking him for his service.

This isn’t the first hotel to employ a robot. Yotel in New York has a robotic luggage handler that they named…Yobot. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Royal Caribbean’s new Quantum of the Seas will have the first robot bartender at sea. This isn’t Isaac from the Love Boat. It’s basically a robotic arm that can mix and sling drinks at a bar called—no surprise here—the Bionic Bar.

What’s next, robots at the airport? Oh wait, they’ve got that in Germany. Dusseldorf Airport has robot valets to park your car for you.

Can I get off this planet already?

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