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Travel Tip: Mobile Check-In at Hotels

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Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons user Victorgrigas

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons user Victorgrigas

So many of us have become accustomed to checking in for flights online and using kiosks at the airport. So why not at the hotel?  Mobile check-in at hotels is now the latest trend in travel technology.

Marriott Hotels has an app that lets you check in at least two hours before you arrive. When your room is ready, they’ll send you an alert.  Once you reach the hotel, you can get your room key at a dedicated Mobile Check-In desk.

The big benefit here? No waiting around in the lobby if your room isn’t ready yet.

Hilton also has a free iPhone app, which you can use to check in online, in addition to making and changing reservations, and finding targeted travel deals.

Members of the Hyatt Gold Passport can access an app that lets you check in ahead of time and check out without having to wait in line.

Is it a timesaver? Of course, and for many of us—including business travelers—that can be worth a lot.

But without that human contact, you’re missing out on the opportunity for added value or experiences that you may not know about otherwise.

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