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Travel Tip: How to Keep Your Money Safe With Smart Wallets

Wocket Wallet

Wocket Wallet

Wocket Wallet

Almost everyone travels with a wallet of some kind, so it’s no wonder there’s new technology to help protect your valuables. Here’s how to keep your money safe.

Hackers can actually use a device to skim data from your credit card while it’s still in your wallet.

So Samsonite, Travelon, and other major luggage companies now offer RFID-blocking wallets.

They look like regular wallets but are equipped with technology to shield your cards from electronic skimming.

The new Apple Pay tool is designed to allow you to securely pay for items using your iPhone or iPad. It uses a Near Field Communications chip that you can wave in front of a reader to complete the transaction.

Keep your eyes open for the next generation of smart wallets.

We’re seeing reports of some with GPS and Bluetooth tracking.

There’s even something coming out called Wocket that stores all your credit card information in one small smartcard.

The claim is that it’s tamper-proof and the information is encrypted, but I’ll let the jury decide that one.

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