New Luggage & Gear Designed to Prevent Theft

Some might say that in order to prevent luggage theft, you are limited to bringing one carry-on bag that you have to watch vigilantly every step of the way.  Instead of testing your luck, here are some new luggage and gear options that can help you prevent theft while you travel.

Let’s start with suitcases

Hard-shell technology may seem like an obvious choice for those focused on theft prevention. But there’s a major area where the suitcase is still vulnerable: the zipper.

Pacsafe has solutions with soft-sided luggage that is designed to have the same prevention as hard cases. The new Toursafe luggage is made out of eXomesh that incorporates slash-proof stainless steal covered in nylon. In addition, the bag covers the ToughZip technology designed to prevent luggage from being pilfered. The ToughZip is tamper proof by ballpoint pens or sharp objects ($260 carry-on).

A simple luggage lock is not your option. Antler’s hard-shell designs Liquis and Camden are made out of 100 percent polycarbonate, but remain lightweight (4.4 lbs for carry-on). The cool feature here is that the TSA-approved lock is built into the design, making it more secure than a removable lock (starting at $169).

Briggs & Riley has an even more secure locking design with TORQ. The company’s first hardcase design has split the pockets from a typical clam shell opening to an 80/20 design. The small pocket has an innovative design. It’s designed for unbreakable security with a lockable and zipperless pocket, that’s designed to hold tablets, Kindle or iPad as well as other personal items. ($479-$569)

Theft Prevention Gadgets & Gear

If you’re into traveling really light, skip the luggage altogether and opt for a Scottevest. The clothes are designed with so many pockets that you don’t need to pack a bag. The best part is that the design is sleek and unobtrusive, so you can keep your gadgets and expensive gear safely tucked away. A microfleece woman’s hoodie comes with 15 pockets where you can store an iPhone, camera, sunglasses and more; the classic travel vest comes with an incredible 22 pockets–including one that holds an iPad!

Make sure your luggage locks are updated and TSA accessible. One new option is Travel Go, Design Go’s Dual Combo Lock, where you have the option of using a key or a combination lock. ($12.95)

Instead of just securing the zipper, you can go one step further and purchase a luggage strap or belt. JustLock has a line of brightly colored straps and belts that add an extra layer of protection.  ($9.90)

Luggage wrapping is another option for securing your baggage. However, yards and yards of plastic wrap is not environmentally sound. Instead, check out Coverlugg, which makes suitcase wrappings in everything from leopard print to your favorite team logo. While it’s not as tamper-proof as plastic wrap, it takes longer to penetrate your bag. ($24.99)

RFID Protection

Guarding your luggage is just one part of theft prevention. You also have to pay attention to your digital security. Radio Frequency Identification chips are now in credit, cards ID and passports, which can be used by criminals to steal individual personal information.

These days, it’s smart to include a passport case with RFID blockers. One option is Royce Leather’s passport case ($36).

You can also protect your credit cards with a RFID blocking wallet. One option is an aluminum wallet. TruVirtu offers a secure Pearl Credit Card Case.

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