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How to Pickpocket Proof Yourself This Summer

We’re coming up on summer travel season. But with big crowds also comes ample opportunity for petty crime. Pickpockets and thieves now have ways to steal your information beyond simply lifting your wallet. They can slash purses, cut through luggage, or scan the RFID chips in your credit cards that link to your personal information.

The good news is, there’s now gear out there to help you pickpocket proof yourself and keep your belongings safe.



The Zip It Gear Pocket Sock is a sock created for men and women that has a large enough pocket to hold cash, credit cards, and an ID. The zipper will not set off any metal detectors and is a good spot to hide important items that you wouldn’t want stolen. The design of the sock helps keep the socks up so the weight of whatever you put in the pocket will not fall out or cause the sock to fall down. $9.95

shoe shoe2

The Sanuk Pick Pocket Shoe prevents anyone from stealing your ID or money. The sandal-shoe hybrid made for men contains a hidden pocket that can hold your ID, money, credit cards, or key. With plenty of cushioning on the soles, you can wear these sightseeing or to the beach and know your valuable items will be safe. $65



The Scottevest Travel Vest is designed for men and women to hold everything imaginable. The vest has multiple pockets on the inside that will keep your personal items safe. Some of the pockets include a digital camera pocket with a memory card slot, a pocket for your sunglasses, and a spot for your phone and iPod, with a collar pocket designed for your headphones. Other unique pockets on this vest are the key holder, the water bottle loop, a Bluetooth pocket, and an iPad pocket. From the outside of this vest, you would never think that someone had all of those items inside. $125


The SeV Chloe Glow Hoodie may look simple, but this hoodie for women has 15 pockets to hold everything from your phone, iPod, headphones, sunglasses, and any other small item. There is also a pocket designed for your passport. The hoodie is perfect for any casual look while traveling or even at home. $90


Travel Smith’s Pickpocket-Proof Shorts were developed by a veteran traveler to help ward off even the most persistent pickpockets. These offer the option between shorts or pants for men that are pickpocket proof. Each pocket has buttons, making it difficult for someone to access your wallet or camera. Along with buttons, each pocket is quite deep, making it even more difficult for someone to steal something. Plus, there is a convenient pocket for your water bottle. $85


UnderTech UnderCover Travel Safe Shorts are part of an endless line of pickpocket-proof clothing for men and women. These shorts for women can be worn under anything, like skirts or slacks. They also include six pockets on the outside that have zippers and can hold credit cards, ID, or money. There are two more pockets inside the waistband that are easily accessible and can help you protect all of your personal small items. $59.95

Bags and Wallets


Magellan’s VaultPro RFID Easy Pack II may look like a normal handbag from the outside, but it helps protect any personal items. The handbag has RFID blocking to prevent anyone from stealing personal data, like the information in your passport or credit cards. The purse has a slash-proof and wire mesh layer, comes in eight different colors, and holds an incredible amount of personal items with its many pockets. $43.98


Magellan’s CitySafe 350 GII backpack is an easy way to carry all of your travel items. While most backpacks can be easy for pickpockets to open or slash when you’re not paying attention, this one is wire-reinforced with slash-proof and cut-proof straps. There are multiple pockets inside, padded compartments, and an RFID block pocket to store your credit cards and passport. $70


Magellan’s Leather RFID Passport Case is perfect if you need something small to keep the information on your credit cards and passport safe. Whether you’re sitting at a coffee shop or waiting in the airport, no one will be able to access your information. This leather case is made with RFID blocking materials, and it can hold your ID, credit cards, passport, and plane tickets. $58


Magellan’s Stainless Steel RFID Wallet is the perfect combination of tough and eco-friendly. It’s made from 85 percent post-consumer recycled stainless steel, which makes the wallet very durable. It is also constructed with silver ballistic nylon mesh that’s able to block signals from accessing the RFID chips in your credit cards and passport. $74.50


PacSafe TourSafe EXP34 Wheeled Luggage is the ultimate pickpocket-proof bag. The outside is made with a puncture-resistant material to keep pickpockets out, and the interior has a metal slash-proof mesh. You can easily lock zippers together to keep your items safe while in transit, and the suitcase is laminated with a water-resistant nylon. $380

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