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Peter Greenberg’s Hot Destinations for 2015

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Berlin is, in my book, the hottest, hippest city in Europe. Yes, it’s the capital of Germany, and, yes, recently everyone went to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, but few visitors know that about a third of Berlin is rivers, lakes, gardens, and parks.

As an added bonus, the art and food scene in Berlin has exploded, and one of my favorite stores anywhere, the KaDeWe, is there. Let’s just say Harrods pales by comparison, especially in the food department. Speaking of food, local, innovative markets have popped up everywhere.

Berlin has become a late night party street scene as well, which makes it worth a stop in 2015. Plus, you can use Berlin as your hub and do one day train trips to see other parts of Germany and Europe, starting and ending in Berlin.

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