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Funny Signs From Around the World

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One of the best parts about international travel is trying to make sense of the local language…sign language. Here are some of our favorite, nonsensical funny signs from our travels around the world.


Thai Social Security


Stuck in line? Use an old-fashioned cattle prod. That’ll learn ’em.


When my parents said they were taking me to Disneyland, this is not what I had in mind.


It’s both beautiful and deadly.

swim xing

Beware of falling babies 40 meters to the right.

camel xing

Camel crossing ahead. You won’t see them coming, not with all that wide open space.

dragon(In law)


Don’t eff with the Renaissance Faire.

lightning bolt

Hand of God shall smite you.


Ruminating, lactating, pooping cow crossing. With bird.


Please. This is a hospital.

elephant xing

Elephant crossing ahead. They’re just as dangerous as those crazy camels. Darn rulebreakers.


Well, I did say I couldn’t wait to see kangaroos up close.

dog beach

Watch out for dislocated shoulders…and greyhound racing.


Reserved for women, mothers, and ladies with their dresses on fire.

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