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The Travel Industry’s Best April Fools’ Jokes

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Cheap flights to Mars, rideshares in cardboard cars, nap maps, renting out your boss’ desk…April Fools! Here are a few of the best  jokes from the travel industry for 2014.

Fred Flintstone Would Be Proud

What happens when you combine Toms shoes and Uber? You get Shuber, the sustainable rideshare service. Not only do you get to wear Toms, but you can walk alongside a driver in a sustainable cardboard car that would make the Flinstones proud.

Go One and You’re Done

Kayak not only helps you find cheap hotels and flights, but now they can help you find a bathroom…anywhere. Just enter your gender, choose your preferred “Stool Rating,” decide between Disgusting and Impeccable, and you’re good to go. Literally.

Kayak 2

Red Planet Direct

Due to “popular demand,” Southwest Airlines is now offering round-trip service to Mars for $9,999. Apparently, the Martian community is excited to see ticket prices drop. But, don’t worry, Saturn and Jupiter will most likely have affordable airfare soon.

Don’t Buy Your Own Desk—Rent One

Airbnb is introducing Airbrb, which lets you rent someone else’s desk for as long as you want. The prices can vary but, if someone comes back to his/her desk, you can just rent another one nearby.

When Naps Attack, Google Has Your Back

When that two o’clock feeling hits you and you need a nap, check out Google Naps. It has locations picked out by other people, pinpointing where you can take a quick nap. Some are scenic park benches. But beware…a few strangers’ beds are also on the map.

Naps 2

Become a Real Life Pokemon Master

Speaking of Google Maps, the search engine giant has created the all-new Google Maps Pokemon Challenge. If you still gotta catch ’em all, this app shows you where Pokemon are hiding in plain sight.


Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines and Nest have teamed to bring Total Temperature Control right to your seat. With just the twist of a knob, you can select anything from Cancun Afternoon to Chicago Polar Vortex. Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re trapped in a wind tunnel in flight?

Cats Gone Wild

Bringing your dog hiking is so 2013. Cats may act like all they want to do is be waited on and sleep all day, but deep down they’re dying to go an adventure with you. Thanks to REI, you can now get your outdoorsy feline friend all geared up.

Kitten Gear

 Scotland Starts Them Young

Yes, Scots like their whiskey, but now those who are underage can get a taste of whiskey, without really drinking it. According to this video from Visit Scotland, highland cows are turning out whiskey-flavored milk.

Fits Like a Gluuv

Remember the Nintendo Power Glove? The latest in technology has arrived with the HTC Gluuv. It’s compatible with the HTC One (M8), and lets you access social media, take pictures, and even amplify your 90’s boombox.


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