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Need a Laugh? The 5 Most Entertaining Airline Safety Videos

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Remember Southwest Airlines’ rapping flight attendant whose entertaining cabin announcement became a minor Internet sensation?

It’s no secret that many in-flight safety video instructions are simply too monotonous and tiresome for most travelers to pay attention.  But what if Betty White came on screen? What about a Glee-inspired dance video? Airlines across the globe have found funny alternatives to bring passengers’ attention back to pre-flight safety demonstrations…that is, if they don’t get distracted by celebrity sightings, a contortionist or soap opera plot twists.

Here are the top 5 airline safety videos you’ll get to watch this fall.

1. This Virgin America’s Glee-Inspired “Safety Dance” Video Has Gone Viral for a Reason: It’s Awesome!

Breakdancing, rapping and singing flight attendants, plus a Contortionist! If the creators of Glee made an episode about in-flight safety procedures, this would be it. With Virgin’s latest safety video you will not only find yourself paying attention to the instructions, but also humming along to its catchy tune.