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How to Do Laundry On the Road

laundrytime_devicesWhether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, doing laundry on the road can be challenging. Technology to the rescue! There are apps to help you find a local laundromat, estimate your waiting time, or even figure out how to get particular stains out of your clothes. There are also gadgets that can help you wash your clothes no matter where you are. Keep reading to find out how to do laundry when you’re traveling.


Laundry Finder

Finding your way around an unfamiliar city can be difficult enough without having to seek out a specific business. Laundry Finder is a simple app to help you find a laundromat in your area. By tracking your phones location, it will give you a list of laundry services nearby, the distance, address, and contact information. Free to download.

Laundry Time

Laundry Time can be a useful time saver for anyone using multiple machines. Instead of having to choose between waiting around for a cycle to finish or leaving clothes soggy and wrinkling in the machine long after it’s finished, this app will help you coordinate your waiting time. You can set multiple washer and dryer counters to give a clear visual indicator of how much time you have to work, grab lunch, or just explore the area. There is also a label decoder to clarify the meaning of all those washing, drying, and ironing symbols. $0.99


Even in the 21st century, some of us can still be reliant on a certain member of the family taking on all of the laundry chores. Only when we are alone and far from home are we forced to confront this daunting challenge ourselves. Well, detergent company Purex has come to the rescue with an app offering all the knowledge you need to ensure your clothes come out the same size and color as they did when they went in. Features include a stain guide to help you deal with specific stains as well as a label decoder and helpful instructions on fabric care. Free.

Laundry Cloud

Or, maybe you just don’t have time for any of this. You have a full schedule and no time to take care of such a tedious task as laundry. Well, that’s where Laundry Cloud comes in. Unlike many pick-up and drop-off cleaning services, this one covers the entire United States as well as abroad. Simply take a picture or video of your washing load and send it to Laundry Cloud via your mobile device. You will receive quotes from professionals in your area within minutes. Then, schedule a pick-up and drop-off time that’s convenient and your laundry will be taken care of by someone else. This app is available for just $2.99.



Woolzies is an all-natural handmade fabric softener that is light and easily portable. These small, handmade balls of wool can cut down on drying time by 25 to 40 percent. Woolzies also reduces static and helps eliminate wrinkles. These little wool bundles are cheaper than purchasing mini-fabric softeners at the laundromat, as they can be used up to 1,000 times. Three balls are enough for a small load and can be purchased from their website for $19.99.


Described as The World’s Smallest Washing Machine, the Scrubba is a light, easily portable bag designed for quick washing for all types of travelers. It is especially useful for those who holiday in the great outdoors but is also a convenient alternative to a hotel or motel bathroom sink. Simply fill the bag with your clothes, water, and a cleaning liquid. Then seal it and press and rub the bag for two to three minutes for a machine-quality wash. The bag can be rolled up to pocket size and weighs just six ounces. The Scrubba can be purchased on its own for $64.95 or as part of the Scrubbas Traveler Kit, which includes a travel towel, clothesline, and travel bag for $104.95.

Rubber Sink Stopper

Many seasoned travelers have noticed the absence of sink stoppers in various types of accommodations. The reason is to discourage guests from using bathroom sinks for washing clothes and then dripping them all over furniture. This rubber sink stopper is designed to fit drain plugs all over the world. It is lightweight and will take up very little room in your luggage. It is available on Amazon for just $5.15.

Travelon Inflatable Hangers

Not all accommodations will provide hangers for you so, to avoid your clothes wrinkling post-wash, it is useful to carry a hanger of your own. Travelons inflatable hangers are a good solution and are light and compact when deflated. They can be inflated to your desired fill, whether for a full suit or something smaller. The material is sturdy and easy to inflate or deflate. When fully inflated they can open up your clothes to allow for more airflow and therefore a faster drying time. A set of two are available on Amazon for $10.

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