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Travel Tip: Budgeting Apps to Help You On the Road

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logos2Online banking makes it possible to track your accounts from anywhere. Now, there are some budgeting apps to manage your money right from your smartphone.

Many of you have online access to your bank accounts, but it requires being proactive and keeping an eye on your finances. These smartphone apps actually keep you informed about your account health. is an online tool that tracks all of your bank accounts.

It gives snapshots of your account information, and tells you if you’re staying within budget. Believe me, that’s essential when you’re on the road.

The Check app is a similar tool that tracks your accounts. It also keeps a tally of your accounts, and even lets you pay bills or schedule a payment directly through the app—so no late fees.

When it comes to tracking your expenses on the road, check out Trail Wallet. It allows you to set a daily budget, and tracks what you spend on food, hotels, transportation, and other categories.

It’s simple and designed for leisure travelers, not business, but it’s a great way to keep your spending in check while you travel.

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